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1/2 PET Expandable Braided Sleeving - Color: Neon Blue - Length: 25FT

Flexo® PET (PTN) Braided Expandable Sleeving - 1/4 Black

Flexo® PET

F6 Braided Wrap-Around Sleeving improves your cables durability protecting them from cuts and abrasions. An easy way of keeping your cables organized.

Techflex 1 Inch F6 Wrap-around Braided Sleeving- 10ft- Black

Techflex 1.25 Inch Flexo Clean Cut Braided Cable Sleeve - Black

Techflex Black Braided Expandable Cable Sleeve 10 ft. Coil Length

Techflex® Flexo® PET Expandable Braided Cable Sleeving

25ft - 3/4 Inch Cord Protector Wire Loom Tubing

Our PET expandable sleeving is flame-retardant and halogen-free. It offers durable abrasion resistance in a wide range of industrial applications.

1/8 PET Expandable Braided Sleeving - Black - 100 Feet

Flexo® PET

Techflex® Flexo® PET General Purpose Braided Sleeving

Techflex Flexo is a strong expandable sleeving that not only provides a professional look but also protects cables, wires and hoses from abrasion,

Techflex 1/8 Expandable Sleeving 25 Ft. Black

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